Vodafone said goodbye to the Association Pound Facebook

The telecommunications multinational Vodafone confirmed this Tuesday, 21st of January his retirement from the Association Libra, a project launched by Facebook to develop a criptomoneda financial services and global reach. The decision of Vodafone is related to their plans expadir in Africa, his own digital system of payments, known as M-Pesa.The output of the corporation of british origin is the eighth suffered by the Association Pound, whose original conformation was of 28 members and all of which are 20 companies. The last year announced their divestiture of important companies that make life in the financial world or the electronic commerce as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, eBay, Stripe, Market, Payment and Booking Holdings.”Vodafone no longer a member of the Association Pound,” said Dante Disparte, chief communications officer of the association, quoted by Bloomberg. “Although the composition of the members of the Association may change with time, the design of the governance and the technology of the Pound ensures that the system of payment of Pound will continue to be resistant. The Association continues to work to achieve a safe implementation, transparent and consumer friendly system of payment Pound,” the official added.Unlike the rest of the companies that abandoned the Partnership Libra, the output of Vodafone would not be related to regulations and the signs that have been made to governments on this project. Coindesk reported that the group intends to add new members during the year 2020 and that there would be a waiting list of 1,500 companies.Since Vodafone is reported that despite of his retirement from the Partnership Libra, the company will continue to closely watching what happens with this and with the development of this project of Facebook for the introduction of a criptomoneda. Remember that the active members of the group are the ones who operate the nodes that would integrate this network with corporate profile and private, something that clearly differentiates public projects and already consolidated as bitcoin.”We will continue to monitor the development of the Association Pound and we do not rule out the possibility of a future cooperation”, said the spokesman of Vodafone, Steve Shepperson-Smith.

Tripping and inquiries to Pound

In June last year, Facebook published the white paper of your project criptomoneda to the one who baptized as a Pound, which would be associated with a wallet, called the Calibra, also of Facebook. Since then there have been dozens banks, national governments and even congress, who have spoken about the attempts of the main social network to interact with the world of finance.Only a few hours after the announcement began to occur reactions, mostly unfavorable, about the plans of Facebook and the association that integrates, to promote a new method of international payment. One of the first countries to show its resistance was France, from where a call was made to the central banks to see the proyecto.De indeed, the central banks of Australia, England and the united States showed the distance on the proposal to establish a new criptomoneda.Even co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been invited to the Congress of the united States to participate in hearings so that legislators can know what it is about the project. In these meetings, Zuckerberg also has been challenged and has made it clear that Libra is a project risky.The intent of the association and of Facebook, as the head, the more visible the proposal would be in the first instance comply with all the regulatory aspects so that investors gain confidence and the fiscal authorities give the green light to the initiative. Once the initiative to obtain approval, the second step would be to activate officially the network and launching the plan, something that still has no definitive date.

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