We have a Halving of Bitcoin: reward to 6.25

The third Halving of Bitcoin is successfully completed. The rewards for miners for every block mined now are 6,25 BTC for 4 more years. Now what? The block 630.000 came and passed without any type of problem. Is that… what kind of problem could have happened on the code of Bitcoin?. But, this brought a very special message, and disruptive, to be a low blow to the entire traditional system.

“Just the 9 of April 2020, with an injection of 2.3 billion dollars as part of the rescue plan, the FED, was increased to the rescue of all the world crisis of 2008”. That was the message that the pool of mining, implanted forever in that block. Now humanity, for the rest of your existence, you will be able to remember the block which gave rise to the Halving of Bitcoin, cutting your creation at the half, while the fiat money tends to infinity.

The reward for mining Bitcoin passes to 6.25 BTC

As we said, the Halving is one of the main, if not the main feature of Bitcoin. And is given precisely in a historical time, in which central banks are increasingly printing more money without any value whatsoever. This event reduces exactly to half the reward in Bitcoin miners. Which, thanks to the work of these, it is the only way in which the BTC are created. Bitcoin began its history with a reward per block of 50 BTC. Then, with the first Halving in the year 2012, the awards went to 25 Bitcoin. Then, in the second Halving to 12.5 and now, with the third of these events to 6.25.

As we commented to the panelists of Binance, in the special they did on YouTube of #BinanceHalvingParty. Then today, Bitcoin has an inflation rate very similar to that of gold, its main competitor in the traditional world. This is a hard blow for all the detractors of the cryptocurrencies. While, in the traditional world of the bailouts of economies all over the world abound. No plan up to now by the centralized agencies has been created to correct the mistakes of the global economic system, on the contrary, to pour more gasoline to the fire. Gasoline translated into thousands of thousands of millions of dollars a day, which do not have any kind of support. Such a creation unscrupulous of money is generating increasing distrust of the financial systems traditional, and the feeling that a global inflation massive is just around the corner. But, in the criptoverso, there is a currency that every 4 years reduces your offer, a reward, and we talk about Bitcoin.

The miners are the main affected

But, back to the crypto world, we must not forget that those most affected are the crypto miners of Bitcoin, which is now their rewards (payments) are worth half. Unlike the other two Halving of Bitcoin, the crypto-ecosystem is now much more mature and developed, with more crypto exchanges that cryptocurrencies. The vast majority with the intent of improving the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and to make life easier for humanity. In addition, in the last 2 years, we have seen the massification of the crypto products such as Futures and options, in turn, of the large institutional investment that never stops to flow into the crypto market. This generates the part of those who possess the criptos will have increased strength on the behavior of BTC. This has as a consequence that the miners now do not have the weight they had prior to the time of moving the price of Bitcoin. So, it is up to adapt, to develop new and better Hardwares, look for sources of energy less costly. While, those who cannot do so, there remains no other option than to disconnect their ASIC. It is the natural state of Bitcoin, volatility, change. But, all of them focused towards the future. In the end, what matters primarily is not the price of Bitcoin. Is the positive impact that this can generate in the whole of humanity.

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