With a $ 10,000-per-hour put in the bitcoin to cash network of flat – Breaking News

On Wednesday, the 8th of april was cut in half, the pay for bitcoin with cash miners. Instead of a 12.5-BCH receive the miners ‘ only 6,25 BCH by fixed transactieblok. This makes the new bitcoin cash is more scarce, but it was also a nuisance therefore.
The total computing power on the BCH network, with more than 80 per cent. If you wanted to visit for a couple of days ago, and the network is down? Then it cost you but the $ 10,000-per-hour.

The computing power in the network, drops by 80%

Below, you can see that the total computing power on the BCH network. According to the data of the miningpool f2pool, the computing power has fallen from 4,200 to pentahashes-per-second at 720 pentahash, which is a decline of more than 80 percent of the time.

The internet is going to be the theory that BCH miners ‘ mass transfer in the bitcoin network. The two cryptomunten have, in fact, the same algorithm, and to get bitcoin miners still make a reward of 12.5 BTC per processed transactieblok.
According to the data of Coinwarz, the processing power on the bitcoin network is increased, since the 8th of april. But whether or not this has anything to do with the halving of the BCH, it is not clear.
It does not have to be the case that BCH miners have made the switch, it could also be that former miners and their equipment, and then turn it on to get BTC is to mine.

BCH network down to a very low amount

The reduction of the processing power on the BCH network, which had a large impact on safety. Using data from the Crypto51 it appears that you have set up the network for $ 10,000 per hour, would take it with a rented power.
It was the network of the BCH to be vulnerable to the so-called 51-procentaanvallen. That is, attacks in which one party has a greater than fifty percent of all the computing power in your hands. In this way, the attacker’s data in the blockchain twist, for example, by a pair of blocks and transactions is to lock-in.
Also, the reward of Bitcoin is the SV is the last week to cut in half, but so far have had little impact on the computational power of the network.

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