XRP solves a $ Problem

Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse has dealt with the criticism of XRP, which is the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, apart.

Garlinghouse confirmed that Ripple had “absolutely no plans” to change its strategy in relation to the crypto-currency, in his words, a 10-trillion-Dollar-solves a Problem namely: cross-border payments.

Ripple has absolutely no plans, our strategy of ‘reset’. The use of XRP to the solution of a real $10T problem, such as cross-border payments, works.


The identity problem of Ripple

12. August, the financial Times, one of the most popular economic Newspapers, a not-so-flattering article about how Ripple is trying to be business reset “to be the Amazon of Crypto” without a Hitprodukt, now that XRP is not taken at the banks feet.

For example, the Spanish banking giant does not want to use Santander XRP for international payments, even though he used the Software of Ripple.

The money transfer giant, MoneyGram receives millions of dollars from Ripple, to use the disputed tokens.

Garling houses shotgun approach drew much criticism, with Nathaniel Popper, a technology Reporter for the New York Times, accusing the CEO, lead investors, with effusive promises about banks using XRP, is misleading:

If investors on the day of the Brad Garlinghouse talked about the banks, which are planning the use of XRP, your money in XRP invested and still held, they would have lost about 90% of your investment.

ODL takes to travel

As a response to his skeptics garlinghouse informed the data about the growth of On-Demand liquidity solution (ODL) of the Ripple XRP as a bridge currency uses of cross-border payments within seconds.

The transaction volume of the product has passed since its launch, in the meantime, 2 billion dollars and has increased year-on-year eleven times.

Popper seems to be, however, not of seemingly impressive statistics to influence. He refers to the fact that XRP is the only reason why the company Ripple remains at all profitable, has declined by 90 percent:

Although the primary source of Value of the company has fallen in the last two or so years, to about 90%, is the CEO of Ripple is still a staunch supporter.

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