Australian Post To Adopt Crypto Technology


Through its Digital iD digital identity platform, Australia Post will offer its customers the ability to conduct transactions in cryptocurrency without having to register for cumbersome administrative procedures or wait several days for confirmation.

Digital iD, the solution to facilitate cryptocurrency operations

The identification problem is one of the main sources of latency in crypto-exchange platforms. Digital iD, an innovative technology from the Australia Post, which has been developed to facilitate this identification, will currently allow crypto users to exchange bitcoins in just a few minutes.

Cameron Gough, Managing Director of Digital iD, announced that this digital identity technology allows for more (faster) control of private data and therefore provides many practical solutions for crypto users.

He said by way of example:

“Most people give their driver’s license to prove that they can legally go to a bar, but all you need is a name and date of birth, not this information or your full residential address.”

On the other hand, the system for recording information via Digital iD is not perceived in the same way by all users. Some criticize the platform for a certain dangerous centralization because the entity holds personal information that can be hacked. However, the service is appropriate to communicate the digital details of the shared personal information to its holders.

Australia is gradually moving towards crypto-currencies

Australia is a safe haven for cryptocurrency and in recent years, the country has implemented several operating technologies in order to democratize it. In this perspective of facilitating purchases via Digital iD, new potential customers will be able to use cryptocurrency in a practical way.

Digital Surge, the first exchange platform based in Brisbane, told its director that “for the first time, an Australian can connect to a computer, seize his passport or driving license and buy Bitcoins in a few minutes.

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