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For the people who make up the community of Criptotendencia, Bitcoin is constantly trend. However, for the rest of the world is not always what it is, with upward momentum and low. Currently, according the analysis of Google, we found ourselves on a peak of interest.

Google Trends

The people of Google have a platform that allows you to analyze the searches that are performed on the platform. The same is known as Trends, which is free to access and has a variety of tools to work with. In this we can study the case of Bitcoin, observing the trend by which look for the term in Google. On this occasion, our criptomoneda favorite and that gave rise to what we know, Bitcoin is experiencing a rise in its trend. Noting that the number of searches is similar to that of September. The reason for this phenomenon is associated with two important points of interest: the first is the beginning of the new year 2020. The idea implies that people are showing interest in Bitcoin in order to know the performance of the asset a new year. Which leads to the second point of interest, the volatility of the price of Bitcoin. As we’ve seen the last few days, Bitcoin has been manifested by some instability, with days going up and other going down. In addition, continuing with the tools of Trends, we find ourselves with the option of learning sites where more is searched for the word. Noting that the more sites you searched are in the african continent, with Nigeria and South Africa leading the list of people interested in Bitcoin. Should also highlight the case of Ghana, which forms part of the continent. Finally, Austria and Switzerland are the representatives on the part of the european countries; in addition, they are known as developed.

Are not the cryptocurrencies

Finally, it should be noted that the interest of the people are in Bitcoin and not the cryptocurrencies. Using Trend you can compare the searches between “Bitcoin” and “Cryptocurrency”, using the term in English to expand the reach. Considering this situation, allows us to reflect on the way in which people meet for the first time the cryptocurrencies. We can even test with you readers to study the phenomenon. You can leave it in the comments as they discovered to CriptoTendencia, if he was looking for news of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies. In this way we will be able to experience what the Trends seeks to reflect, being that Bitcoin is the face of the cryptocurrencies in general. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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