Bitfinex’s first large-crypto exchange with bitcoin, Lightning, Network

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced that they are now in full Lightning Network, node, run, and integrate with their platform. It allows customers to pay-per-view opening so that there is virtually no transaction fees if you have coins to deposit, or of recording.
Bitfniex will be the first to grab it, they are a crypto-exchange that is the Lightning Network, is an integral part of the services they provide.

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network, the second layer for the blockchain of bitcoin is over. The LN has been developed as a solution to the schaalbaarheidsprobleem of bitcoin, it may, after all, only seven transactions made globally, on a per-second will be done via the blockchain of bitcoin. This payment method avoids actually in the blockchain, there is no blokbevestigingen longer needed for operations.
There is only one transaction in the blockchain have been credited, if you have a channel open or close it. As a simple example, you open a channel to the BTC Right of 1 bitcoin. It has the size of 1 bitcoin, so BTC is Instant, and you will constantly be at each other with a maximum of 1 bitcoin to send. If you are using the channel, a half a bitcoin to BTC Immediately send to the channel, and then close it, then it will be in the blockchain have been credited and that the Breaking News to you, and you both have a half of a bitcoin to have it. So betalingskanaal can, in theory, be infinitely long to remain open.

For speed and efficiency

This is much more efficient than the current situation of the exchanges. Is normally required to make a deposit of a bitcoin of 1 to 6 confirmations (or confirmations). On average, it takes 10 minutes for a transaction with 1 confirmation, so it could be an hour prior to you get bitcoins on the exchange are. In times of pressure, such as that in 2017, there could be a transaction, but to spend hours or even a day. And you also have to pay a transaction fee for every transaction, depending on how busy the network is, this may significantly increase.

Great channel

Because of the payments made by the Lightning Network, can be directly to customers bitcoins to deposit and withdraw. Should be more exchanges to join IN, then that is to be beneficial to traders (and bots) who, in arbitration, trying to out run it.
The success of the LINK at Bitfinex is also dependent on the stability of the channel, but above all, no matter how small it is. Most of the channels are of low capacity, but Bitfinex has a channel of about 3.5 bitcoins for deposits and 1.5 bitcoins for the pictures.
This is a significant step forward in the global acceptance by the Lightning Network, but it is also for bitcoin. If you want to play with the IN the on Bitfinex? Please read this in-depth guide on the stock market.

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