Can help BTC ever to a better financial system? Billionaire to doubt it

Preston Pysh, the founder of has appeared on Twitter, to discuss the current quantitative easing, UBI and the civil unrest that developed in the United States to Chaos. Topics, which are, of course, the perfect breeding ground for a discussion on Bitcoin.

While Pysh says that Bitcoin is the silver lining in this Situation, he brings the billionaire Mark Cuban to a contrary opinion in the discussion on.

Can help to make Bitcoin really is a better financial system?

Preston Pysh wrote several Tweets about the Printing of cash to rescue companies and banks and the government, the economic stimulus checks sent directly to the population. He explained that these checks were necessary to prevent unrest and Chaos, and a further aggravation of the Situation.

According to Pysh the gap between the Poor and the rich is through financial incentives, getting bigger, some as the universal basic income (UBI) can be called. For this reason, he did not own Bitcoin. At the same time Preston Pysh believes to recognize, namely, that the Fiat financial system is doomed.

But is Bitcoin really the solution? The billionaire Mark Cuban questioned the.

Cuban is known to be the biggest Fan of Bitcoin. At least he said once that bananas are more useful than Bitcoin, since the former were at least edible. When he joined the above discussion, he expressed doubts as to the Pysh arguments that Bitcoin is a long-term solution.

To the BTC-part of you have understood a lot correctly. How does in a BTC System, the Inflation of BTC supply and demand on those who have no assets, and to acquire the try BTC? How are markets for goods and services created? How is fractionated can be BTC?

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Bitcoin can be a Store of Value…

In his view, a fundamental difference of opinion lies in the fact that Bitcoin followers believe that the price of BTC reflects the success in the fight against all of Pysh-mentioned problems. He, however, is the opposite. The more it is in a few hands is concentrated, the more it is hoarded and rarely available.

However, Cuban Bitcoin to confess now, that it may be similar to how Gold be a Store of Value.

He doubted, however, that the Bitcoin Whales really much of your Bitcoin wealth is to be put to the masses available. Accordingly, the circulation of BTC will be low and the Whales will have in a world in which the global monetary economic system is based on Bitcoin, too much influence.

Pysh, however, that when companies start to denominieren their free Cash Flow in BTC and use BTC as a Unit of Account, all of a sudden people, like himself, who have a bunch of BTC, this equity want to buy, in order to achieve a higher internal rate of return. Through this mechanism, Bitcoin would be redistributed in the economy.

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What is your opinion? Can help to make Bitcoin a better financial system?

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