The technology Blockchain continues its implementation in the food industry

The use cases of the technology Blockchain expanding, and this is observed easily during the ” Great Lockdown “. The California Giant Berry Farms, the largest american producer of berries, has joined the IBM Food Trust, to adopt the solution of follow-up foods based on the Blockchain.

Improve its supply chain

The Packer, the media point out the fruits and vegetables, has been reported recently that the California Giant Berry Farms now uses the technology Blockchain in order to share data between all points of its supply chain.

To do this, the company completes the deployment of the Blockchain by enforcing compliance integration Glasschain IBM’s Food Trust.

Very happy with this integration, Thomas Taggart, the director of operations for California Giant, has supported :

“The integration with the network Blockchain from IBM will allow the company and its partners to find ways to improve the efficiency of transportation of the products. “

This development has also been welcomed by Tejas Bhatt, the senior director of global food safety at Walmart.

“This allows us to track food from the farm to the store and helps to ensure that they are fresh and safe when our customers buy them “, he said.

An increasing use in the monitoring of food

It is clear that the technology Blockchain has convinced the food industry especially because of the severity that is currently in effect. The standard requires that the products retain their freshness at the time of purchase and consumption.

Its main virtue being its invariable nature, the Blockchain is more and more in demand in this sector of the food supply.

Towards the end of the preceding month, Dole Food Company, the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables, had published a five year plan to expand its adoption of the technology Blockchain.

What do you think of the integration of the California Giant Berry Farms in the IBM Food Trust ? Respond in the comment section below.

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