Novogratz is to short to Model but to invest in gold and bitcoin, BTC Direct

Mike Novogratz, the founder, president and chief executive officer of the computer merchant bank, Galaxy, Digital continues to bitcoin rather than altcoins. That’s what he says in this interview with Bloomberg. Also, he goes in for the gold medal, with the short sell of the Model and the blockchain.

Don’t go short on Elon Musk

Just before the Height of last Wednesday’s financial results, by 2019 at the latest, published, was a billionaire Novogratz, it’s a good idea to be short on Tesla stock. A very bold move, since these stocks are doing, it will be in 2020 is still better than bitcoin! Novogratz looked at the price chart of Tesla and decided to put the stock to short sell. In the end we had to bold that, because of the numbers of a Model were much better than had previously been expected, resulting in the stock price even further up.

The graphics looked horrible. I went against my own rules as I have said, the better, you’re not going to short against Elon Musk. Shares of Tesla is not to feel, just like bitcoin. It’s not the central story, and more. Thus, the share price reacts to every bit of good news. I will wait a few more days to get my short position to close it, so it’s not too much of a pain to do. But it wasn’t a great day.

The agreement, Tesla, and bitcoin

Novogratz was then used by the interviewer and asked to explain what he meant when he said that Tesla’s shares are on a Bitcoin look like. Novogratz said:

Thus, the bubbles, and there is a info-bubble. There is no doubt, however, that this is a bubble. The bubbles happen to be around things that would normally be used in this world, its been amazing. He has a wide range of technology. He has, and so, the story is so powerful, that it all sucks. It does not mean that the company is actually worth that much.
So I got cocky and tried to set the top of the bubble is determined, and I loved that there was a black eye on it… but I’d better wait for the numbers.

He added: “First of all, we need to have the virus from China to sweden, we’re not quite there yet. This creates a lot of volatility. We know it’s there. Other than that, will the shares is expected to be faster than this year’s. The shares are parabolic rise.”

Why does he still have gold and bitcoin holding

The investor has been an advocate of bitcoin and sees cryptocurrency as digital gold. He does have a love for bitcoin and gold are not under the chairs or couches:

I’m still in love with gold. I still love Bitcoin, because we have too much liquidity and, in our currency, in the course of the time of the write off. You have to be gold and bitcoin holding.

And Elon Musk? Which trollt like about bitcoin.

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