The FBI is investigating Voatz because of the attempt to interfere with voting through the blockchain – Breaking News

During the mid-term elections in 2018, has anyone tried to Voatz to hack it. This is a blockchain based voting system that will be used in the state of West Virginia. The hack wasn’t successful, but it is now being investigated by the FBI.

The FBI determines whether or not to hack crime was

“In the election campaign of last year, activity is detected that may indicate an attempt was made to use the mobile voting van, West Virginia, to invade,” according to Warner, the secretary of state of West Virginia. “They have not arrived, and the security protocols you intend to make to our election process, to protect it, working as designed. The IP address from which the attempts have been made to the FBI, be transferred to research. The research will be to determine whether crimes have been committed.”
The reason why it must be examined whether the hacking is a crime, it is because it seems that the name comes from the university of Michigan. The name could also be a runaway experiment from a panel about online security, according to CNN.

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Every vote counts

In the mid-term elections are also known as the midterms are mentioned. This is often seen as an indicator of the current president. In this case, it is the Home to the 2016 president will be elected. Two years later, when he was in the midterms for each and every two years there are 435 seats are free, in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate. These two houses make up the Congress.
Voatz, there was a pilot project in order to have their vote on the blockchain app to the test. In november of 2018, with accepted 144 of the voters of West Virginia by Voatz. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but with four seats in the House of Representatives from West Virginia have been decided by fewer than 150 votes.

Electronic voting systems a target for hackers

By Voatz, users must authenticate their identity using multifactor authentication and face recognition software. Finally, voters can access their ballots, and they may have the opportunity to vote. FBI investigators were, however, concerned that the installation of the Voatz not enough protection.
Although the hack attempt in the mid-term elections in West Virginia, apparently, was not successful, that this illustrates, however, that electronic voting is a target for hacking.

The researchers are concerned

Yael Grauer, of Slate, wrote that it is difficult to Voatz a good review. The company has insisted it will on the nda of the participants. Many election experts are concerned about the lack of transparency of the Voatz, ” says Gray.
Also, the researcher Ka-Ping Yee is worried: “I have no argument, having regard to their system for software independence, and Voatz did not respond when I requested it. In their FAQ, it states that the ballots will be printed, but it does not seem likely that the voter is in the mail and can verify this.”
“A worrying aspect of this for me is the reliance on personal mobile phones. Security measures that can be implemented on a digital ballot paper after voting inside the phone have been introduced, such as the storage of votes on a blockchain, to protect the users, not against an attack prior to that point, the process for the review of the ballot, and the import of their vote.”

Consent for participation in the blockchain

The permissioned (permission) as a blockchain of a Voatz has been built with the help of the HyperLedger blockchain framework that is first created by IBM and now supported by the Linux foundation. With this type of blockchain different from the non-permissioned blockchains such as bitcoin. In order to take part in a permissioned blockchain, you must be a voter or an auditor first has to be verified by the owner of the blockchain.
In June it took a Voatz another $ 7 million in order for the software to work. Just before investing about 2.2 million u.s. dollars in the company.

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