TRON (TRX): How This Has Been a Fight for Survival – Complete Analysis

TRON (TRX): How This Has Been a Fight for Survival – Complete Analysis

CANBERRA, Australia – Ethereum is one name that stands out in terms of cryptocurrency. However, recently, there has been some noise going on in Twitter as Justin Sun, founder of TRON (TRX), tweeted that the latter was better than the former, backing up his claims with some reasons. As he stated this, people were divided into two: supporters and bashers.

Have you heard about TRON (TRX)? People nowadays live in a world where almost everything can be done virtually – even finances. Cryptocurrency is one of the frequently heard terms nowadays and is making quite a buzz out there. Even some people see the need to learn this domain. According to Kevin Werbach, a professor at University of Pennsylvania, individuals are now at the point where instructors are called to teach this trend. Whatever views people might hold, cryptocurrency is definitely something interesting today.

TRON was actually helped by Ethereum make its way to the top. But still, Sun enumerated the reasons as to why TRON is better than it in a number of ways.

It scales better and has cheaper network fees as compared to Ethereum. It has the existence of a coin burn, and it uses Java instead of Solidity and has strong extensibility. Most importantly, it has rewards for its developers and has more users.

Sun acknowledged the help it got from Ethereum, even noting it as the cause that the TRON platform is now better.

However, Sun added that TRON has a bigger vision in mind, although initially he thought that it was good for gaming or entertainment. But later, he realized that what he wanted was to decentralize the web, just as Tim Berners-Lee planned it while creating the web.

Moreover, TRON announced that it has two exchange listings: Bithumb which offers 2% payback in the deposits made by TRON users lasting until April 7 and Upbit exchange with a new trading pair of TRX/KRW.

Sun further added that cryptocurrency might be having some issues and hardships, but he believes that TRON might be having some lucky days as it continues to progress every single day.

With that said, Sun definitely has big dreams for TRON and does not wish for it to become just another Ethereum or another Bitcoin. He surely wants TRON (TRX) to make a name for itself.

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