Twitter doesn’t allow messages with bitcoin addresses due to the hack

We have several Twitter accounts have been hacked. In response, it seems as if the Twitter user doesn’t allow to create a cryptocurrency recipient address in a message. If you want to do this, you will get the following error message will appear.

Also, if you try it again, you’ll get the same message.

Measure to the scammers to stop?

Twitter has yet to be made as to why they do it, and for how long, you have no recipient addresses can be published. It’s probably a measure to scammers, but that is a guess.

The only thing in communication is to be found in this Twitterdraadje on account of the Twitter Support. There it says among other things, that the accounts of the various Twittermedewerkers has been compromised. This gave the hackers access to the accounts of the prominent Twiteraars, such as Kanye West, Joe Biden, and Elon Musk.

However, the measure is a bad thing? Bitcoin has been referred to as the peer-to-peer network a method of payment, and if you have a ship to address to share, you can always do personally. Now you can share your IBAN account number after all, not everyone is using Facebook and / or Twitter.

Not for everyone

With the action on Twitter, not everyone is in the movie in some cases. Tweeter Whale Alert keeps users aware of all the actions of the cryptocurrency whales. That is, are investors who have a large supply of cryptocurrency to hold it.

And, since Twitter is now no more messages allow the recipient addresses in it, may be a Whale Alert messages to publish on this cryptocurrency whales. Fortunately, he can still publish it on the Telegram, an instant messaging service like WhatsApp.

Whale Alert and did well, by the way how many of the scammers have earned it by their actions. Here was the counter to stand at 58,000 dollars, and until an individual is around 4.5 bitcoin in the value of some of 42,000 dollars has been sent. This person is now experiencing sleepless nights because of money, he or she will most likely never get it back.

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